HW5 - trigger has the trip points Vsz Vo FIG Vs oJ1r\g1 10v...

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Name EEll HOMEWORI( 5 Sec.A Assume the circuit of Fis.1 is stable and find the current Is when Vs:lv. Using this result find the circuit input Vs impedance Is: (Vs/Is) : Check your answer using PSPICE. Find Vo1 and Vo2 in the circuit of Fig.2 in terms of Vsr and Vsz. Find Vo3 in terms of Vsr and Vsr Vsr. Due Oct.9, 06 t0K Vor : vo3 : Choose that the Schmitt -fa Voz
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Unformatted text preview: trigger has the trip points Vsz Vo: FIG Vs oJ1r\g1*, 10v FIG 3 R1 l00K Vo R r : Choose the resistors R1 and R2 in the circuit of Fig.4 so that the Schmitt trigger trip points are + 7v and + lv. Rt : R z : Choose Rr in the circuit of Fig.5 so that the oscillator has a frequency 200H2. R r : FIG 5...
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