MKTG 17th 2008

MKTG 17th 2008 - and technologies. Stakeholder : Any...

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MKTG 301 Class: Thursday 17 th  January 2008 Profit:  Is the reward to a business firm for the risk it undertakes in offering a product for sale. Three levels of strategy within a corporation : 1. The corporate level: is where management directs strategy for the entire organization  2. Strategic business unit- Group of different businesses within an organization that each  markets a setoff related products to en-clearly define a group of customers. 3. The functional level- where each specific department within a corporation or SBU is  found. Mission statement:  Vision of the company its identifies customers, markets, values, products 
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Unformatted text preview: and technologies. Stakeholder : Any individual who is affected by the corporation and how well it performs. Goals/objectives : Goal is an observable and measurable result to be achieved in an expected time frame. Strategy : Long term action designed to achieve a goal. Tactics: Are short term actions taken to solve specific problems or to accomplish specific goals. Market Share: Is the ration to one firms sales to the total sales of all firms in a specific industry Boston Matrix...
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MKTG 17th 2008 - and technologies. Stakeholder : Any...

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