jan 22 - Two types of goods you will need to outline for...

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Principles of Marketing January 22, 2008 Marketing Plan Road map for the marketing activities of an organization for a specific amount of time. Usually 1-5 years . 1. Internal audience- all the individuals inside the organization who find the marketing plan relevant. 2. External audience- typically directed and the company’s investors and the public. Business plan- Road map for the entire organization over a specified amount of time. Includes Research and development, operations and manufacturers. Six questions your audience will need to have answered by your marketing plan or your business plan. 1. Idea valid 2. Unique Selling Point 3. Market for product or service 4. Financial projections realistic or healthy? 5. Is management and personal capable in their field 6. Does plan provide details about how investors will get their money back? Executive Summary - Non- technical 1-2 page write up at the beginning of a business plan designed to summarize why you want to go into business.
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Unformatted text preview: Two types of goods you will need to outline for the reader. Both are the goals against which the company’s performance will measure. 1. Financial goal- How much money you are going to make and how you are gonna make it. 2. Non financial goals- (see book for definition) Core competencies – Area of expertise that is fundamental to a particular venture. Points of difference- products Unique selling point Competitive Analysis-analysis where company examines the products of competitors and evaluates the companies overall strengths and determine their strategies. Industry Analysis- Examines relevant geographic markets product segments and strategic groups in which firm competes. Implementation Plan- Shows how company will burn ideas into results. Evaluation and Control- Comparing actual sales with targeted goals and taking appropriate corrective or sustaining action....
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jan 22 - Two types of goods you will need to outline for...

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