MMW 1 9.28.07

MMW 1 9.28.07 - “thrust” has been throughout the whole...

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MMW 1 9/28/07 – Friday, Week Zero -Go to office hours to meet professor/TAs -Only important issues are discussed in lectures -Shared Websites – Every now and then will run into password requirement – ID/PW = “mmw” -Less concerned about terms and definitions, more about understanding why humans did what they did, what’s good/bad evidence, why -Midterms are non-cumulative, finals are focused on unit 3 but has questions that ties together what the
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Unformatted text preview: “thrust” has been throughout the whole course Timeline: 3 Units (separated by midterm exams): Chronological – Looking more worldwide-4 Million Years Ago - Foragers, Hunter/Gatherers-BaMbuti-Food Production; relatively small scale, still have hunting-Hopi, Aropesh, Nyuro – Agricultural, formal set of political systems-Early States, ‘Civilizations’, Urbanization (cities), Writing-Aztecs, Egypt, Iliad – Greeks...
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