MMW 1 10.19.07

MMW 1 10.19.07 - -More commonly accepted b What happened to...

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MMW 1 10/19/2007 Friday, Week Three I. Modern Homo sapiens a. Origin -Two main theories of origin of modern Homo sapiens -Evolved in place and became modern Homo sapiens (no longer widely accepted) -No migration, no replacement -Migration, replacement – Evolved into different species and Homo sapiens from Africa was more successful -Possible gene flow -Most accepted = single orgin -Single origin theory is supported by mitochondrial DNA, inherited only through females -Male mitochondria in sperm is discarded -Indicates African origin -“Bottleneck” may have happened or not -Bottleneck – species almost died out – the ones who didn’t die out have variation that gives them a little success -Origin of species can be connected to the bottleneck -Species survived and went on or species changed from bottleneck and started from there, or even no bottleneck -Many researchers believe that speciation can happen relatively quickly
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-Curvy split – gradualism -Blocky split – Punctuated equilibrium -changes happening very fast
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Unformatted text preview: -More commonly accepted b. What happened to “archaic”?-Were widespread throughout Europe, North Africa, Asia-We don’t know how Neanderthals were killed off-All kinds of models put forward-most likely pushed into marginal environments (less resources) when modern Homo sapiens came in-Modern Homo sapiens knows how to utilize resources more efficiently-If Homo sapiens were just 1% more intelligent/efficient than Neanderthal, we would’ve killed off Neanderthals in 1000 years. II. Major MMW themes-When reading we should be looking for:-Environment + Subsistence economy-Subsistence = contrast to cash economy-Social relationships within the society-Within genders, between the two sexes-Children-Older people-Tribal interaction-Leadership and Politics-Keeping order-How to get people running to keep society running-without laws-Religion/Mythology-Diseases/Curing-Technology-Demographics-Oral tradition vs. Written tradition-Arts III.Slides of pygmies...
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MMW 1 10.19.07 - -More commonly accepted b What happened to...

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