MMW 1 10.31.07

MMW 1 10.31.07 - -Must be useful throughout...

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MMW 1 10/31/07 Wednesday, Week Five I. Intro to unit II -Sedentism – The condition of being settled -Intensification – applied to output, or carrying capacity – increasing carrying capacity II. Carrying capacity a) Definition, description -number of individuals that can be supported of land, building homes – requires more work -# and types of individuals that can be supported by a certain piece of land b) Foraging populations – options, etc. -Split (fission) into smaller groups -Whole group can migrate elsewhere -Changing food source – has much variety -foraging populations have a healthier diet -Food preservation and storage -Circumstances of your daily life will change to require different amounts -Reciprocity, trade, exchange -Social mortality -Very difficult if an old person may not be able to do what others can do -Older people may be abandoned
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Unformatted text preview: -Must be useful throughout life-Gerontocide, Senilicide, infanticide-Women in a foraging society dont have 300/400 menstrual periods in their lives, much less-Adolescent sterility between 11-12 and 15-18-3 5 years between births-Constant breast feeding suppress ovulation-30-40 menstrual periods in a foraging society may be more natural c) More sedimentary populations options, etc. III. (If time permits) what causes population growth under more sedentary conditions? a) Fertility-Number of children actually had-Fecundity Biologically able to have children-Fecundability = same thing-Population tends to go up with sedentary conditions b) Mortality I: Foraging BaMbuti II: Food Production Still small scale Hopi, Arapesh, Nyuro III: Early States, Urbanization, Civilization, Writing...
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MMW 1 10.31.07 - -Must be useful throughout...

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