MMW 1 11.14.07

MMW 1 11.14.07 - -takes a certain size of population to...

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MMW 1 11/14/07 Wednesday, Week Seven I. Exam Information -Monday, 3 parts -Scantron -25 Questions – 2 points each – 50 possible points -Geography similar to previous exam -Identification -5 Questions – 4 points each – 20 possible points -Essay - Tuzin -1 Question – 30 points – 30 possible points -2 Pages -Two different approaches to the same question -Evidence supporting facts Total – 100 points + 3 bonus points in scantron about Hopi -beringia article -cross cutting ties -Sourcebook II. Finish material from last time -Cold filter – people from Asia were coming over the upper part of N. America -Cold kills off disease organisms -Immunities – takes a large population and everyone has a virus
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Unformatted text preview: -takes a certain size of population to sustain a disease-The pattern in the new world preagricultural condition people began to get more sedentary-pattern changed different type of crops, domestication of animals-3 centers of agricultural innovation 0 approx 10,000 to 5,000 years ago-Meso America/Peru:-Maize, squash, beans, cotton, gourds, llama, guinea pig-Fertile Crescent:-Wheat, barley, emmer, einkorn, lentil, pea, goats, sheep, cattle-China:-pigs-Maize/corn spread from Mexico down into Peru-New World domesticated plants pineapple, tobacco, potatoes, squashes, tomatoes III. Tuzin book...
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MMW 1 11.14.07 - -takes a certain size of population to...

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