VIS 21A 10.2.07

VIS 21A 10.2.07 - VIS 21A 10/2/07 Tuesday, Week 1 Focuses...

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VIS 21A 10/2/07 Tuesday, Week 1 Focuses on African art, shows an interest in the art culture of these people born in the previous century (1400, pre colonial) Nations of Europe trying to get access to the far east, to get spices, silk, etc. 1468 Portugese tried sailing down the west coast of Africa, started to trade and then begun colonial, slave trade 1492 Columbus discovers n. America Europeans came in contact with people they never thought have existed, awakening to entirely new universe European sailing ships – 1700s, begun to find people on pacific islands Represents how recent this discovery and encounter really is Colonialism really continued to the 20 th century, very recent awakening of new cultures that are radically different from anything previously encountered. 4 th world – consists of the native peoples of Africa, pacific islands, the Americas, and other parts of the world who now constitute the ethnic minorities, constitute a very important part in nations modernism – movement in 19 th century, absorption of new ideas/influence, of Africa, Americas, pacific islands; there is no modern music that has African roots, anthropology is a result of colonialism, spectrum of impact on the rise of modern social sciences and humanities anthropology = big part of vis21A, art history is the discipline that doesn’t have very good history with dealing with cultural difference, people are trying to adapt the art history to development, very focused on European art, vis21A is a very new discipline (art in Africa, Americas, pacific islands). Before art historians begun interested anthropologists were the ones interested in these societies. Anthropology studies cultural contexts anthropologists were being employed to go out and collect works of art from non western world; the ethnographic collection (ethnos – study of a particular population) People begun traveling and found interest in these works of art
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VIS 21A 10.2.07 - VIS 21A 10/2/07 Tuesday, Week 1 Focuses...

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