VIS 21A 10.4.07

VIS 21A 10.4.07 - VIS 21A Thursday Week One Africa-Vast...

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VIS 21A 10/4/07 Thursday, Week One Africa: -Vast, constitutes to major geographical, physiological divisions. The north = great expands of the sahara desert -50,000 years ago homo sapiens went from Africa to populate other areas of the world -Culture/geography = extremely diverse; in sahara there are various ecological condition zones, as it is move down, it turns into grasslands, then by central Africa it becomes a tropical forest -subsahara = very ancient civilizations once existed; Africa has the most diversity in cultures -One of the main – metal technology for art – valuable, spiritual, as early as 2000 b.c. they begun experimenting with copper, mastered iron working, goldsmithing, silversmithing, etc. Made many valuable – symbolic objects, created some very aesthetic beauty. -Nok – old art piece made of terra cotta -Ethay – ruled by dynasty of kings -Edo – “benign” city, -Invested into a lot of their culture through works of art, speech, -Royalty was common through divine kingship, deeply rooted to the near east, and the north/sub-Saharan Africa, many were considered divinity in human form -social structures are hierarchal, class of rich, artisans, craftspeople, farmers, etc. -artisans – high levels of specialization in African culture, people become pros or near pros; experts at woodcarving, textile weaving, ceramics, metals -Cultures also live in the spiritual -Smiths were the highest ranking artists/artisans because of how valuable the metals were, also had spiritual force; viewed as someone who walked on the edge of the spiritual world, believed that he was able to communicate with the gods associated with the metals they worked with. -In Africa spirits are everywhere in nature, i.e. trees have spirits, iron, bronze, ceramics have spirits
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VIS 21A 10.4.07 - VIS 21A Thursday Week One Africa-Vast...

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