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Pueblo “collectivist” ideals – emphasize integration (belonging) of individual into social collective, harmony, balance, and correct relations with social, spiritual and natural worlds -Pottery has long served pueblo people in many diff ways -means of social interaction -brought community together -shared part of women’s expression and contribution to society, -If one has wealth he’s expected to distribute to society -Personal advancement invokes suspicion -“WE” all belong together, to the community -Live in balance, reciprocity, about give and take, balance -When they choose leaders – they choose modest people – non aggressive/self assertive -Choco canyon – violence, uprising, tried hereditary leadership
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Unformatted text preview: -Completely against pueblo culture-People who don’t follow pueblo culture become witches “tourist art” vs. “transcultural art”-Before there was no commercial value – originally was items of exchange-Transcultural market – when one culture makes one substance and sells to another culture-People wanted souveneirs Reservation era (1880’s – 1950’s) assimilation of Indian societies – “Protestant work ethic,” cash economy, individual achievement, recognition and wealth Modern, industrial “self-orientation” – in art, personal success, fame and recognition, commercial enterprise, individualism, artistic freedom, self-expression and innovation....
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