VIS 21A 11.13.07

VIS 21A 11.13.07 - -Became important to refurbish Maria as...

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VIS 21A 11/13/07 Tuesday, Week Seven -Other pueblo pottery revival movements -Nampeyo and descendants – Hopi Pueblo -Revived a pottery style -Family produced pottery that is commercially famous -Arizona – 1890’s – present -Sikyatki Revival ware -1600 – like blackware, had died out -Acoma Pueblo -Lucy Lewis – her daughters – revived Fine line black on white pottery -1950’s to present -Pueblo aesthetics – concept of beauty based on cycle of life – balance, harmony, good and proper relations with humans and nature -Ugly often represents something dangerous -Beauty and ugly = mutually defining -Maria and sister made pottery through coiling -Most of pueblo life center around rain falling -Tehwah believe that its world is dependent upon 4 mountains -Hopi – mountain to the west – spirits of ancestors walk the summit -gather to make beautiful rainstorms to bring thunderstorms and rain -Pottery made for ceremonial purposes -Have commercial value as well, put into museums -Tehwah pueblo near where Maria worked – center for writers, poets, artists and intellectuals
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Unformatted text preview: -Became important to refurbish Maria as creative genius-Became celebrated around the world-Artwork was abstract-Pueblo people – pressured to pursue an ethic of individual getting ahead – opposite of pueblo values-Maria and Julian had to become celebrated while living in their communities, very dangerous-Tried to downplay wealth/commercial success-act as philanthropists to their communities-donated, signed other people’s pots-Social conflicts jeopardize universe-Australian aboriginals:-Some painters have been punished or exiled from their communities-Growing corn – had social and spiritual value, as well as spiritual value-when men lost – became lost, started drinking-gender imbalance in the pueblo – men had a lesser role-Women saw that imbalance had detrimental effect on community, tried to find ways-To let men participate-Pottery would have died out had there not been tourism-clay location – clay has commercial value, clay location = spiritual, so kept secret...
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VIS 21A 11.13.07 - -Became important to refurbish Maria as...

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