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VIS 21A 11.20.07 - -Pueblo = in the exact center of the...

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Pueblos – Moieties, cross-cutting ties, dual organization -Housing Built in contrast -Mutually required -Turquoise Moiety, Squash Moiety (Winter, summer) – Squash = agricultural fertility -Hopi – no moiety organization – still has double organization -Calendar – two major seasons of the year -Mask dance – for ancestral beings for cloud making, well being -Male/Female – Summer/winter -Painting – Hopi – men and women -Pueblo art – Perfect balance in rhythm and flow in the universe -endless cycle, harmony -Division of everything in the universe into organizational sets of 4 -4 = sacred -San Il Defonso pueblo art – 4 sacred mountains – each in one direction
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Unformatted text preview: -Pueblo = in the exact center of the universe-religious reverence for corn represents all thats beautiful-growing corn by hand = sacred tradition-corn mothers when used in ceremonies-most important dual organism living and the dead maintained through ceremonies-Masks considered valuable, alive to pueblo people-Ceremonies choreographed, harmony, organized-represents order, beauty-Symbolism of beauty, life, water, renewal, rebirth-Turquoise blue of the sky, realm of the casina spirits, blue-green of water, water = life...
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