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Lecture 1 - BILD 3: Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Dr....

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1 BILD 3: Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Dr. Joshua Kohn 1258 Muir Biology 534-8233 jkohn@ucsd.edu Course Website is on WebCT http://webct.ucsd.edu Or you can Google “UCSD WebCT” • If you are normally enrolled in this class you should already have access to the website. • If you are waitlisted, you can access the website after filling out forms available in class. Take forms to • On website you will find: – Course information and syllabus – PowerPoint lectures as .pdf files with six or three slides per page. – Announcements as things come up. – A forum for asking questions related to course material. This will be monitored by TA’s but to ask a question of Dr. Kohn, please email him directly (jkohn@ucsd.edu ) with BILD 3 in the subject line. TA’s a1pham@ucsd.edu PHAM, ANH TUAN ahn009@ucsd.edu NGUYEN, ALVIN p3huang@ucsd.edu HUANG, POLLY sgevurtz@ucsd.edu GEVURTZ, SARA jhbuchan@ucsd.edu BUCHANAN, JACK pmazarat@ucsd.edu MAZAR-ATABAKI, PARINAZ rplau@ucsd.edu LAU, RYAN pkandave@ucsd.edu KANDAVEL, PRASHANTHI kdefenba@ucsd.edu DEFENBAUGH, KATHRYN kschandr@ucsd.edu CHANDRASENA, KEVIN mbeed@ucsd.edu BEED, MALLORY sabunass@ucsd.edu ABU-NASSER, SARA Course Organization • Lectures Tu-Thur. 9:30-11:00 2722 York • One 50-minute section per week (none in the first week, none on mid-term week, none on Memorial day week). • Quizzes given in sections (drop lowest two scores) • 1 Mid-term May. 6 in class (150pts) • Final Exam June. 10 8:00-11:00 (250pts) Here. • 460 total points Section sign up Sign up for discussion sections will be online with you student PID ( http://sections. ucsd . edu/ ). I will open enrollment at 8 AM Wednesday (April 2). If you are on the wait list, you may add your preference. If you are then enrolled in the class you will automatically be enrolled in section if there is space available. This process happens every day at 8 AM.
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2 Discussion Sections There will be no section the 1 st week of class . No sections the week of the midterm nor the week of Memorial Day. During each section there will be a quiz on the previous week s lecture and reading material. Quizzes are worth 10 pts each. There will be 6 quizzes but the lowest 2 scores will be dropped, thus you can receive a total of 40 pts for the quizzes. There will be general discussion and question/answer period after the quiz. You must take the quiz in the section that you signed up for. There will be no make-ups on quizzes for any reason (since we drop the two lowest scores). TEXT • Campbell, 7th edition, especially units: – 4 (Mechanisms of Evolution) – 5 (The Evolutionary History of Biodiversity) – 8 (Ecology) • You may use an alternative text (e.g. Purvis et al.) or earlier/later edition of Campbell, but it will be up to you to find the chapters that correspond to the lecture content. How to do well in this course
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Lecture 1 - BILD 3: Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Dr....

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