MMW 3 4.7.08

MMW 3 4.7.08 - MMW 3 4.7.08 Jesus and his career in...

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MMW 3 4.7.08 Jesus and his career in Ministry and why he had a bad end -How he was tested by various groups to see if he was breaking the law -Various groups of Jews would come forth to test him – in particular Pharisees Pharisees -In some ways very much like Jesus -Believe in the law that’s written in the book – prophets, also believes in the Oral Law -“Superjews” -Hypersensitive to breaking the law Oral Torah -When God was giving law to Moses, also gave man opportunity to give oral questions -These laws are passed down -In other writings that you can study -Not everybody follows these 1 st – Jesus walking through wheat field -Pharisee ask if he’s breaking Sabbath by working – pealing wheat to eat -Charge = breaking Sabbath rule -Response does not give anybody any ammunition 2 nd – heals someone on the Sabbath -The Sabbath was made for Man – turning thing on the head in the Pharisees 3 rd – Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar – Just emperor -Caesar = generic name for Emperor -No = Jews happy – trouble with Romans, Yes – flipped -Who’s face is on a coin? Render onto Caesar the things that belong to Caesar 4 th – Woman who was taken in the act of adultery – caught in the act
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-Presumably if you get caught in the act you have enough witnesses and are stoned to death -Great responsibility to be a witness – have to throw the stone as well -Let he who is without sin cast the first stone on this woman -Takes the fight out of the Pharisees -Can be argued that this serious matter is allowed to go unpunished -By the end of his life people have serious doubts of his Jewishness Night of arrest -2 sides to his legal dilemma -Jews accuse of Blasphemy – telling lies about God -Calling himself son of God -Jews are fiercely monotheistic – son of God = pagans -quoted as saying that the temple will be destroyed -God’s temple – God’s house -Interestingly in 70AD the Temple was destroyed by the Roman soldiers putting down a revolt -Romans -Potential revolutionary -are people going to believe that he is the son of god and lead to a revolt? -Judaea was always a problematic place
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MMW 3 4.7.08 - MMW 3 4.7.08 Jesus and his career in...

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