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MMW 3 4.9.08

MMW 3 4.9.08 - MMW 3 4.9.08-Christians were originally...

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MMW 3 4.9.08 -Christians were originally Jews -Jewish Christians – After reviewing evidence – believed that prophecy needs to be updated -also persuaded that he was son of God -Persuaded Jews – points not accepted by many Jews (then and now) -Only Jews are a part of this movement – predominantly taught to Jews and followers were Jewish -Jewish authorities decided that the people doing the way – perverting Judaism -May be conducting blasphemy -Romans gave the Jews authority to hunt down the Christians for trial capital punishment -Official view – cannot be Jewish and follow the way – illegal -He’s dead now so its hard to know – claimed to be God’s son – blasphemy -Temple would be destroyed – close to blasphemy -Not messiah because he didn’t restore Israel and perished on the cross as a slave -Gentiles (Non-Jews) -By this time in history in the Mediterranean the Jews have spread all over -Synagogues used – worshipped as much as they can without the temple -More and more Gentiles were finding out about the way of the Jewish -Majority thought they were odd – antisocial and subversive -Small minority who were attracted by the outlook – not by the rules but the devotion to their one God -can be argued that Plato and Socrates are monotheistic -How do our scriptures among Jews relate to Plato and Aristotle and maybe Socrates -Wanted to become Jews – Crossalites – Had to become circumcised and follow Jewish rules -Others didn’t want to do all this but they wanted to hear what the Jews had to say
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-Morally uplifting -Allowed to come to sit in – heard something conducted in Greek -Some pagans were attracted to this – high ethical standards and monotheisms Centurion -Leader of 100 soldiers in the roman army, sometimes more -Backbone of Roman legions had been and continues for hundreds of years – what made the army great -Disciplined soldiers, drill sergeants, supervised in battle, participated -If you lived long enough – had a comfortable and wealthy retirement -Appears from Acts 11 – Centurion (Roman, not a Jew) who retired in Judaea – Theory is that he served in Judaea in the army and was pagan attracted by Judaism -Cornelius the most common roman name – conflict with Peter the apostle -For the most part Gentiles believed that so long as the jews aren’t interfering its fine
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MMW 3 4.9.08 - MMW 3 4.9.08-Christians were originally...

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