MMW 3 4.14.08

MMW 3 4.14.08 - MMW 3 4.14.08 Rome -How roman emperors...

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MMW 3 4.14.08 Rome -How roman emperors dealt with constant problem of legitimacy -How Constantine came to make the religious empire -Emperors never officially part of the government – Nobody ever changed constitution from Republic to monarchy -509 BC – Fixed in Rome that Monarchy is bad -Augustus – didn’t want to be called king -Princeps – Leader of men -Tiberius – adopted – good idea -Julius Caesar flirted with consul idea – so cannot use that idea -Augustus “avoided” Julius’ mistakes -Achievements of the divine Augustus – Claims that he restored the republic (gave it back to the people and senate) 28, 27BC -In my 6 th and 7 th consulship after I extinguished civil war and by universal consent had taken charge of all affairs, I transferred the republic from my own power to the jurisdiction of the roman empire…surpassed everyone else in influence, but no more legal power than anyone else in the magistrate -Carefully groomed successors – young men keep dying -Suspected Livia – his wife – poisoned them (Tiberius’ mother) -Tiberius wasn’t around enough -Augustus died a natural death and supposedly Tiberius Legitimacy -Next 4 emperors died – Tiberius, Claudius, Nero, Caligula -clear not an easy thing to pass on monarchy to anyone else -Obviously based on who has the most troops and how close to center of power
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-Early Empire – Republican ways were dropped – “modified” -Emperors found its obvious they outweigh everyone in power – allowed more than 2 consuls a year -Emperor names the consuls – Only the senate got to vote for the offices
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MMW 3 4.14.08 - MMW 3 4.14.08 Rome -How roman emperors...

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