MMW 3 4.18.08

MMW 3 4.18.08 - MMW 3 4.18.08 Europe-Blend of Western Roman...

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Unformatted text preview: MMW 3 4.18.08 Europe-Blend of Western Roman Empire and its customs and the so called Barbarians (Germanic) Culture-Didnt overrun roman empire filtered in slowly-Sometimes overwhelemed Romance-Languages Roman language mainly Latin-French, spanish, portugese, vs. German, Dutch, and so forth-By 5 th Century AD there were 2 Roman empires east and west-Were being pulled apart eventually becomes 2 empires w/ different characteristics Constantinople-City of Constantine 313 AD-Moved the capital of Rome way to the east town already in existence-Called Byzantium-City of Constantinople-Called Istanbul now-Main center of empire shifting east, Barbarians pressing on the east of the country 330 AD-Constantine moved the capital of Rome from Rome (way to the east) to a town that had already been in existence-Constantine governed from there, left non-emperor governing in Rome-In 400 AD 2 emperors in theory the eastern one appointed western one-West leader = free agent to run however he/she wants-Distance so great-In theory Eastern one = dominant one West Rome-Latin = main language spoken throughout Roman Empire Rome center of Empire-Eventually transmogrified itself to Europe East Rome-Still knew how to speak Latin but mostly spoke in Greek-Eventually ran the government in Greek and called themselves Romans in Greek-lasted practically a thousand years after the fall of Roman empire Germans-Term incorrect-Barbarians Some had become Romanized not bloodthirsty horde of barbarians-Romans not finding enough soldiers to defend pressured by northern Gauls/387 BC-Romans have always been nervous about foreigners getting over the alps and destroying them-Sensitive to a threat from the north-387 BC = first time Rome got overrun by an enemy-more of raid hit and loot and run-100 BC Germans on the march went through alps-Marius General of I taly destroyed these Germans-awarded...
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MMW 3 4.18.08 - MMW 3 4.18.08 Europe-Blend of Western Roman...

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