MMW 3 4.21.08

MMW 3 4.21.08 - MMW 3 4.21.08 Last day in Europe...

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MMW 3 – 4.21.08 Last day in Europe Charlemagne -up until 800 AD in Europe -Asked to read 2 workd – one by Tacitus – Germany – Germania -Biography of Charlemagne by Einhart Europe -Mix of Barbarians who infiltrated Roman empire in the West Barbarians -not there to destroy, just to have what the Romans had -except vandals – were interested in destroying -Settled in Spain, france, germany, Italy, and formed various type of governments usually with a king which had various fortunes Tacitus – The Germania -Traits will show up in early mediaeval traditions -Given consul, knew best people, but not sure if he spent time in Germany -One scholar even says he’s born in Germany, nobody knows -We need to “sift” the whole thing -What we can take away: -250 – 300 years before the real invasion –things might have changed -in general we can deal with a society that can be labeled tribal -Do not have a settled state the way the Romans had -Stateless society -not that they lack government, but they don’t have the state that the romans have been building up for over a thousand years with beaurecracy -more fluid – nomads – semi nomads
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-Did not live in towns – no archaeological remains of towns -Not accurate in saying they didn’t have anything to do with farming -had some agriculture -i.e. huns – say that they have warm animal meat -Fluidity reflected in the Arabs before and after Islam -Chinese barbarians fluid as well – same ones pushing future europians into Europe -Has a bias – not an anthropological bias – has a point of view that shifts back and forth -one theme – noble savage – noble barbarian theme -These people are at a simpler level of development than Romans are -very long ago Romans are at this level – can see in simple Germans how they’re better than we are -I.e. they didn’t know the use of money – a bad thing -On the other hand – criticizes -Impetuous – everything they do is ultimately impetuous – like children -get an idea in their minds and they go for it – war, feast -Would realized later that they took too fast of a decision Tribal society -Tribal loyalty to the kinship group is supreme – statelessness because they don’t have the type of
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MMW 3 4.21.08 - MMW 3 4.21.08 Last day in Europe...

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