MMW 3 4.28.08

MMW 3 4.28.08 - MMW 3 4.28.08 Translator is a believer...

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MMW 3 4.28.08 Translator is a believer Arabic – s/l/n come from the same root – submission, Islam means submission Stepping back in Chronology – before life of prophet -Not Medieval Islam – only medieval because it occurred at the same time as medieval Europe -Classical Islam – comes into existence at this age -Through Muhammad’s life – God intervened with religion – final 3 rd intervention Arabia -before prophet – civilization he was born into -Full of desert but not all desert, there is grazeable land and there are crops -Have nomads – tribal -Cities are in Western part of Arabia, along with trade routes in the days of the prophet -Spice trade from India -One of major routes from India was to take a ship – by caravan come up western side of Arabia -Mecca and Medina – 2 major towns -2 major areas that trade routes go through Nomads -Not wander around aimlessly -Know how its done – when its hot you settle down – live off trade you do Sedentary -Confined to one spot – city dwellers -for whatever reason had given up wanderings – make a go at city life -outnumbered the nomads -Nomadic life had more prestige
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Bedouins -Nomads Mecca and Medina -Towns offered places for caravans and nomads come to have trade fairs -like markets -Also places where peace can be enforced for certain periods -People learning about outside rule – Christianity, Judaism, other religions -Had own religion Sheik -Head of a tribe Haram -Sacred enclosure often found in towns – political power and religious power that a town might have -religious places where you have to take off your shoes -Sacred for people who believed this religion -Especially in Mecca there was a Haram – most famous -3 months of the year – no violence can occur in mecca
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MMW 3 4.28.08 - MMW 3 4.28.08 Translator is a believer...

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