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MMW 3 5.02.08

MMW 3 5.02.08 - MMW 3 5.2.08 Who wrote the Koran Muslim...

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MMW 3 5.2.08 Who wrote the Ko’ran? Muslim point of view -God sent it down through the Prophet -On each occasion he went into an altered state Koran -Record of the events -Muslim view = God did it – composed it and sent it down through the prophet Muhammad in installments -Scholars try to figure out when each installment came in -Mean recitation or reading – prophet was illiterate, for him to recite beautiful poetry was striking to people who knew him -Often begins by saying “recite” – God telling him to recite -First one – recite in the name of your lord who created man from clots of blood – first revelation in a cave when he was in retreat, 95th -73/74 = next 2 -Muhammad did not write or compose the Koran – did not control it -Muslims believe that God did -Outsiders say that he was a clever man – Muhammadan was coined to make the point to say that Muhammad did it -Whoever was making this word was probably doing something similar to Christian -No influences of the Koran according to muslims -Scholarly books will say things like the precepts of the Koran came from the eco-social status of Mecca -May choose to believe -final version of Koran written 50 years after muhammad’s death
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Umar -Important to history of Islam – fascinating character -Sort of like apostle paul – starts as very against it, then finding that family are believers -Outrage – slapped sister -Heard Ko’ran words over the door – became a believer -Becomes important after death of prophet -Shows that there were copies of recitation around Mecca – was being written down, other people were memorizing it Sura -Chapter of the Koran
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