MMW 3 5.7.08

MMW 3 5.7.08 - MMW 3 Empire-Alexander 10 years worth Rome...

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MMW 3 Empire -Alexander – 10 years worth, Rome, Islam -Interesting - Strain of running of the empire starts to affect the imperial power -How it affects the constitution of the home power -Rome – perfect thing to study -Usually a lot of benefits associated with an empire -Only at 20 th century – countries wanted to have empires -Wealth – legal or illegal, graft and corruption, tribute – money flows into dominating power -Rome – done by taking slaves -usually only enriches top part of society -Security factor – Rome = ringed by provinces -If trying to keep armies in provinces – stretched too thin – i.e. Sparta -Respect – from people beyond your borders -think twice before invading – may have army coming for you later -As Rome got more and more successful gaining provinces – started losing republic -Changed gradually – as of year 30 BC – reverted to monarchy, but military based -Empire kept on going, hardly affected by this constitutional turmoil -Shows roman genius in dominating people -Don’t be in a hurry – 200, 300 years of republic -Slow growing = slow disintegrating -Included people – grades of citizenship Muslim Empire -happened incredibly quickly, starting with the death of the prophet
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-Very quickly grew to larger than any ever seen before -Also broke quickly up into chunks – not politically united -Religion stayed -What effect on Islam did this empire have? -Fanning out – east and west going to France and China -Different than Rome and United States – no constitution but religion -in 12 years within death of prophet – all of Arabia were officially Muslim -whole of “middle east” have been conquered in battle -Iran and Iraq (Persian), and then even Egypt – Persians looking pathetic -Byzantines hung on for much longer -West – Charlamagne – 100 years after death of prophet – northern France – Charles Martel defeated the moors and thought of them as Muslims -If he had lost – France may have Muslim government -Spain did for a long time -East – China border – within 100 years = huge – not unified, supposedly unified in beginning but wasn’t working -Why did huge conquest happen? -obvious that its successful, but why did the prophet say is? Did the Ku’ran say it?
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MMW 3 5.7.08 - MMW 3 Empire-Alexander 10 years worth Rome...

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