MMW 3 5.9.08

MMW 3 5.9.08 - MMW 3 5.9.08 Split of Islam religion was...

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MMW 3 5.9.08 Split of Islam – religion was successful at conquering and dominating people – same problems as ancient rome but much faster -Got big, fast, all tribal rivalries Uthman -Before Umar’s death - he states – if you are the lucky winner, do not appoint relatives to community -Overcoming tribal outlook -Spent 12 years did exactly what Umar warned him not to do -Clan different from others -Most remembered for collecting the Koran and making agreed upon version of it – apparently started by Uman and Abu Bacher – Crucial element in Islam -when idea for gathering revelations – was impacting because everyone had it in their heart -Brought together under one book – taken out of leaves and rocks and papyrus -Put into codex – book form -Permanence and can be copied -When was caliph – a man says catch the community before the various versions come up – i.e. jews and Christians -Destroyed primary documents – anybody who had a leaf or piece of papyrus handed it in and didn’t get it back -Caused some people to be upset – larger view is that it had to be this -Need one version – a book with no variation – 7 words with various meaning -God’s purest direction to humanity – least time between source and fixing to argument -final and perfect revelation -Christianity/Judaism = flawed -Civil war under uthman – happened under tribes
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-Muslim of Abu Bacher killed Uthman – in his 70s, reading the Koran with his wife -Blood stained the Koran he was reading – wife was wounded Civil war among muslims -Fighting among who should lead the community -2 ways this can go – Ali is now 58 and command respect that he didn’t command 24 years earlier
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MMW 3 5.9.08 - MMW 3 5.9.08 Split of Islam religion was...

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