MMW 3 5.14.08

MMW 3 5.14.08 - MMW 3 5.14.08 How Islam ran their empire...

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MMW 3 5.14.08 How Islam ran their empire -Originally did not require conquered to be Muslim, but after several years this changed Interesting to consider Islam to Christianity – Christianity had to go underground for first 300 years -Had to go underground because it was against the law – Judaea and Rome -313 AD – Edict of Milan – pulls it out from underground Downside to conquering – ultimately an effect on conqueror -subtle and later on when they notice the effects How they ran the Empire -Hoping for raids – but defeating huge armies and coming in control over huge tracks of command -Under Umar (where conquering really started) – garrison city method -small group of highly armed soldiers go to heavily fortified place – can cause trouble for enemy -Newly formed cities which were essentially army camps for Arab tribes – military colonies – meant to be permanent cities – presumably soldiers would live as long as they were needed -only military can live in these colonies – military elite -Umar apparently came up with this theory – these arabs should not mingle with the society in any way -no land acquiring, no marrying, no contact -Job is only to fight – pay is translated as pension – pay given for work – came from booty – had to be filtered of higher authorities -2 garrison cities are now regular cities in Iraq -When founded – were meant to be like home – palm trees were planted -Asking soldiers to stay here – asking a lot – need to keep happy -problems – soldiers not getting what they want
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-Organized by tribes -Started to become problems – warriors felt couped up – didn’t like the idea of
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MMW 3 5.14.08 - MMW 3 5.14.08 How Islam ran their empire...

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