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MMW 3 5.23.08

MMW 3 5.23.08 - MMW 3 5.23.08 Empress Lu-Dowager widower...

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MMW 3 5.23.08 Empress Lu -Dowager – widower – influences son Emperor Wu -first female Emperor (not empress) -Zhou Dynasty -Reigned 15 years – competently as well as any man, forced to advocate -Not a member of the Li family – Li family came back after her death -A lot of lucky things happened for her -Married an emperor and he had a stroke -Still appear to consult and hold daily audience, but she started running him in his condition -One of sons succeeded – Dowager empress Wu managed to have own son deposed -Ran through 2 more young men and then had last one set aside -How did this happen? -Luck -Iron constitution – great polititian, smart, -Was low ranking concubine of Taizong -Was in his harem – emperors can have as many women as you want -122 women accessible to him and only him -Grades of concubine – 4 at top of heap -Empress gets to have her son as emperor -Emperor making dozens of children -Politicking, infighting – hopefully that your child would become emperor
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-Taizong did disown own prince – the son had reverted to ancestral Turkish practices -liked to live out in the steps -had steps out and acted like nomad -attempted to kill Taizong, exiled -Younger son – Caozong – probably never expected to be emperor -serious misjudgement from Taizong -good hearted weakling -Taizong dies, Caozong inherits -Women expected to go to retirement after emperor’s death -Into monesteries – shave head and be celebit until death -never had traffic with males again -Caozong somehow met concubine Wu when he was younger – some association with her
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