MMW 3 5.30.08

MMW 3 5.30.08 - MMW 3 5.30.08 Buddhism-Had several founded...

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MMW 3 5.30.08 Buddhism -Had several founded belief systems – God appearing to Moses, Abraham, Jesus appearing, Lao Zu – The Way and its power, Tao te ching, Socrates, Confucianism -Founder – movement maybe a philosophy, Marxism, sometimes founders don’t write anything – Socrates, jesus, Buddha, Confucius -Usually writings of immediate followers – Gospels, plato, analects (Confucian students Why does this happen? Founder generally puts forward something very high for people – many rules, that is why we get modifications – makes it easier for lots of people to follow the way of the master -people who come up with these modifications might be going too far -Sometimes adjustment happens that directly contradict How do we know about the Buddha? -After 4-500 years – split into 2 different sects -Mahayana, Hinayana – not meant as complimentary, originally developed as charges from one to the other -Mahayana means big vehicle, Hinayana = small -new development of Mahayana = more participation – don’t have to be a monk/nun, don’t work, mindful, read scripture -Mahayana – don’t have to be like this – other way to be a Buddhist Buddhology – nature of the Buddha -Buddha at end of life – entered nirvana -appeared to die, and was burnt, but believers believe that he goes to nirvana – beyond rebirth -where is the flame when it’s blown out? -Arhot – solitary devotee of the faithful path – person who when hears 4 noble truths, 8 fold way – they get it right then – proceed by themselves to achieve their enlightenment
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-Buddha did not move under bodi tree until he figured out achieving nirvana and did it later that night -Arhot – automatically act on it, but difference between this and Buddha – Buddha achieved nirvana and decided to come back to share with humanity and hope that he’ll achieve it -Buddha had compassion for hyumanity – got out of endless cycle -= vast compassion for
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MMW 3 5.30.08 - MMW 3 5.30.08 Buddhism-Had several founded...

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