Mus4 4.17.08

Mus4 4.17.08 - -John Dowland(1562 – 1613 – Shakespeare...

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Henry the Eighth – protestant demonization – Church of England – started for divorce 1534 – proclaim self as head of England Thomas Tallis – served in the court of all of these rulers lived from 1505 – 85 -Spem in Alium -40 part polyphony 2 diff theories about why this piece was written and why 40 -40 th birthday of queen Elizabeth -Written for a catholic nobleman – in a house shaped like an octagon -5 singers in each part of the octagon – audience in the middle – hear things from all direction Spatial music -You can hear things go past -Feeling of texture, weight, density -conducting – conductor somewhere in the middle Instrumental music -Late 16 th century – rise of great composers of instrumental music -organ, lute, 2 composers – pieces for 2 of the most important and developed instrument of this time
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Unformatted text preview: -John Dowland (1562 – 1613) – Shakespeare born in the same year-Lute piece-troubled personal life – widely acknowledged as a great lute player-Didn’t convert to Catholicism so wasn’t able to play in palace-Wrote melancholic love songs Lute – 6 pairs of strings – played similar to classical guitarist Counterpoint – playing polyphony on a string instrument Tonality – particular note or chord – home base – basis for the entire piece around which everything revolves-Dominant/tonic Descending line Virtuosity Chromaticism John Bull (1562 – 1628)-Fantasia X (c. 1600)-Greatly admired by queen Elizabeth-Rumored to be involved in espionage-professor in college in England and fired for impregnating a young woman Collection of keyboard instruments – virginals Ostinato...
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Mus4 4.17.08 - -John Dowland(1562 – 1613 – Shakespeare...

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