Mus4 4.22.08

Mus4 4.22.08 - -Baroque period interested in doctrine of...

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Mus 4 4.22.08 15 listening examples, and T/F, MC, fill in the blank related to composers and pieces Quiz in section: 5% of grade – same format as midterm Baroque Period (1600 – 1750) -comes from the portugese word meaning deformed pearl – -Refers to anything at this kind – not any specific style or composition -Europian courts becoming important -patronage of the courts for musicians and artists overcame church -First public concerts started to happen -1637 – first opera house opened in venice -Opera = musical form that began in the beginning of Baroque period -Arts flourished in Baroque Period -Also sciences -More emotions in the music
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Unformatted text preview: -Baroque period interested in doctrine of the affections-Felt like different types of music will allow people to feel emotions-Polyphonic texture – more movement happening in the bass Bach-Born into a large successful music family-early years got training from older brother and father – wrote all musical genre of today except opera-huge output of music – very high quality music through whole career-One of most famous composers of all times-Well steeped in Lutheran hymns-Virtuoso on the organ 3 parts in career-Composition 1703 – 17 – organist 1717 – 23 – Cothen -> instrumental 1723 – 50 – Leipzig...
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Mus4 4.22.08 - -Baroque period interested in doctrine of...

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