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Mus4 4.29.08 - media – most representative of your...

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Mus4 4.29.08 Romantic (1820 – 1900) – After Classical period -In classic we made sure things are balanced and clear so audience knows the themes -Very well structures and clear, not so ordinate, streamline -Starts with the late works of Beethoven -Started drawn more inward, works more meditated, completely deaf -Showed more eccentricities compared to pieces in classical -Romantic artists interested in exploring their feelings -Love, heartache, grotesque, excess, bizarre, supernatural, sublime -New forms and techniques -Interest in writing grandios – over the top long pieces, might be over an hour long -over 100 instruments involved -Tonality – very well established in classic period -By end of Romantic period – stretched and more stretched by Chromatic tones – outside of the home key -Artist regarded romantic as the purest form of expression – don’t need representational
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Unformatted text preview: media – most representative of your soul-More and more instruments – many more woodwinds including different sizes-A lot of brass instruments-More percussion instruments Slightly speeding up or slowing down for musical purpose – Rubato-Performing with Rubato = characteristic in romantic Hector Berlioz – Symphonic Fantastique -1830-Most important French composer in this period – creator of the modern orchestra-Writing for diff kinds of instrumental combination between the instruments-Tendency to fall in love with people he shouldn’t have-5 movements – one extra movement than we had in the class of symphony-semi autobiographical story-Dream of the Witch’s Sabbath-Ideefixe – motif Dies Irae – black mass-funeral bells...
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Mus4 4.29.08 - media – most representative of your...

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