Mus 4 5.22.08

Mus 4 5.22.08 - Mus 4 5.22.08 Jazz original american art...

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Mus 4 5.22.08 Jazz – original american art form -Development of early jazz – precursor of jazz Original American art form -Came about in the us in the early 20 th century in various African American communities -primarily in new Orleans – birthplace of jazz -Chicago, Ney York -What we call Jazz – word that means different things to different people, our definition is original American art form that comes from two different sources -2 sources – European, West African -Europe -Took protestant hyms, became spirituals by African American slaves, popular music, military band music all influence -Instruments were all developed in Europe – trumpet, trombone, saxophone, bass, piano, guitar -West African -Primarily in area of melodic patterns, rhythmic ideas -All of these were poured into the melting pot and developed into what we now know as Jazz -3 musical precursors before jazz -Cakewalk – African American form of music and dance that was parody of stuffy ballroom dancing -originated among slaves, incorporated African dance steps -Cakewalk because winner won a cake – “that takes the cake” “that’s a piece of cake” both came from this
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-popular form of dance in the 19 th century – started off in slave, but became popular in all parts of societ y – pervasive as time went on -Blues -Came from the west African column response tradition -poerful influence on not only Jazz but early classic rock – of the 60s -Manifested by Robert Johnson -Ragtime -Scott Joplan – maple leaf rag (not on dar) -was writing around the turn of the century – 1899 -left hand is firmly on beat, bassline, right hand is off the beat -Syncopation, style of ragtime playing -“Ragging” Jazz -The first recording came out in 1917 – Jass instead of Jazz -Theories of the origin of the word – inconclusive -1920’s – interesting period of music called novelty music – combined aspects of different styles -Jazz was being used – this style of music called Jazz was coming into being but nobody
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Mus 4 5.22.08 - Mus 4 5.22.08 Jazz original american art...

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