Mus 4 5.27.08

Mus 4 5.27.08 - Koko -Contrafact take preexisting chord...

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Koko -Contrafact – take preexisting chord changes, put a new melody on it -Contrafact from tune in 30s called Cherokee -AABA with the B section being the bridge – most common form of Jazz tunes -Complex introduction – saxophone and trumpet trade off – intriquet unison – virtuoso/trading off -snare on drum used to accent the beat – drummer keeping time -role of drummer – more integral ensemble player -drum solo – more accents in the drums, drummer gets to step out and take a solo -Phrasing is irregular 2 of the most important figures in history of jazz Miles davis- trumpeter John Coltrane – Saxophone player Miles Davis – Just a little younger than thelonius monk, Charlie parker -Came to NY as a teenager at the end of the early development of bebop – got his start playing with Charlie parker, on recording Koko – plays on other tunes on that same album that was released -had long successful career – lived reasonably old age – stayed productive to old life -1945 on – very productive – releasing records, touring, introduced key movements in
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Mus 4 5.27.08 - Koko -Contrafact take preexisting chord...

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