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CS312 Final Exam Cornell University, Spring 2005 May 17, 2005 Instructions Write your name and netid on this page. There are 5 problems on this exam; check now that you have the whole exam. The exam is worth 100 points total. The point breakdown for the parts of each problem is printed with the problem. Do all written work on the exam itself. If you are running low on space, write on the back of the exam sheets and be sure to write (OVER) on the front side. This is an closed-book examination; you may not use outside materials, calculators, computers, etc. You have 2 1/2 hours. Good luck! Name and NetID Problem Points Score 1 20 2 20 3 20 4 20 5 20 Total 100 1
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1. True/False [20 pts] (parts a–j) Each correct answer is 2 pts; each wrong answer is -2 pts; and each blank answer is 0 pts. a. Software testing proves the presence of bugs, but cannot prove their absence. b. The type that SML infers for the expression fn (x,y) => fn x => (y,x) is: ’a * ’b -> ’c -> ’b * ’c . c. The function f ( n ) = lg( n lg n ) is O (lg n ). d. At each collection, a copying collector must traverse all of the data in the program (including data unreachable from the roots). e. The implementation of Dijkstra’s shortest-paths algorithm requires a stack data struc- ture. f. The function foldl is tail-recursive. g. It is possible that a hash table with n elements and a load factor of 2 has a bucket that contains all of the n elements. h. When a program exhibits temporal locality, it will access the same memory location in the near future.
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final-2005sp - CS312 Final Exam Cornell University, Spring...

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