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Psc101 Henry, Coss, Owings syllabus

Psc101 Henry, Coss, Owings syllabus - behaviors(Ch 2 5 and...

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PSC 101 : INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOBIOLOGY – MTWR 10-11:40AM FIRST SUMMER SESSION 2008 MTWR, 10-11:40, 206 Olson Team taught by Professors: Kenneth Henry ([email protected]) , 102h Young, 752_1854, Ofc Hrs MW 12:30-2 PM Richard Coss, ([email protected]) 105 Young, 752_1626, Ofc Hrs TWR 8:30-9:30 AM Donald Owings, ([email protected]) 101 Young, 752_1673, Ofc Hrs MW 4:10-5:30 Class Reader Reader: Whitney Meno ([email protected]) 286 Young, 752-7705 Office hours T12-2, w12-1 (Eds.), Pearson Custom Publishing, 2002 Exams: Each instructor will administer a 40_question multiple choice exam on the material covered in his third of the course, and each exam will account for 1/3 of your final grade. Dr. Henry (June 23-July 3): The structure and functioning of nervous systems (Chs. 3, 4 and lecture) Sensory systems (Chs. 6, 7 and lecture) Evolution (Ch 1 and lecture) Genetic and environmental interactions influencing normal and abnormal
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Unformatted text preview: behaviors (Ch. 2 , 5 and lecture First Exam: July 3, 2008 Dr. Coss (Jul 7-July 17): Biology and behavior (Ch. 8) Nervous system adaptive significance and evolution (Ch 9) Classical and Operant conditioning – Pavlov (Ch 10); Skinner (Ch 11) Neuroendocrinology od rhw stress response (Ch 12) Learning and memory (Ch. 13 Prenatal hormone exposure and sexual variation (Ch 14) Sex, sexual orientation and sex hormones influence cognitive function (Ch 15) Critical events in the development of bird song: What can neurobiology contribute to the study of evolution of behavior (Ch 16) Second Exam: Monday, July 17, 2008 Dr. Owings (July 21-31): Reproduction and social behavior (Ch. 17) Nature of proximate mechanisms underlying social systems Social behavior and organization (Chs. 18_19) Aggression (Ch. 20) Communication and language (Chs. 21_22) Acquisition of food and avoidance of being eaten (Ch. 23) Third Exam: July 31, 2008...
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