Two Reasons for Settlement

Two Reasons for Settlement - The Primary Reasons for...

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The Primary Reasons for European Settlement in North America There are many quite significant reasons for the European settlement of North America during the 17 th and 18 th centuries. However, it is often argued that perhaps the two most universal and important of these motives were economic opportunities, and the opportunity to escape the religious confines of European society. During the 1600’s there was a high rate of unemployment in the wool industry, particularly in East and West England. Many boys and men of the times found themselves out of work and without any prospects to speak of. A lucky few inherited a sum from their deceased patriarchs, but under the policy of primogeniture, only the eldest son received any donation from his father. Therefore, the younger sons often ended up in tight and unfortunate situations. For these reasons, the allure of a profitable life in the American colonies was irresistible. However, the English were not the only Europeans who were interested in becoming wealthy. This is clearly evident when examining the French settlements of North America. Montreal was the larges fur trade center in the world. French settlers became nomadic Couriers de Boís , who immersed themselves in Indian culture in order to earn a profit. The Caribbean was also appealing to many French settlers. Such colonies as St. Dominique generated mass profits through the sugar trade and attracted many settlers. In addition to these major countries, the Netherlands also owed much of its settlement of
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Two Reasons for Settlement - The Primary Reasons for...

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