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11/24/034:41 PM Probability for Engineering Applications Mid Term Exam #2, November 13 th , 2003 Last name of student Student ID number First name of student Email address Do This First: 1. Make sure that you have all the pages of the exam book. 2. Fill in the above information. Exam Rules: 1. This is a 50 minutes exam. 2. The syllabus includes all material covered until Section 4.6 (inclusive). 3. This is NOT an Open Book and Notes Exam. You are allowed one double-sided A4 sized memory-aid. 4. You are not allowed to consult any other student. 5. You may use a calculator, but not a laptop, palmtop or such other computer. 6. The last page is blank for your use. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total 30 20 30 20 100
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11/24/034:41 PM 1. (30 pts) The specifications state that the reliability of certain light bulbs is 1-0.2t (t in years) for 0<t<5. In a test, 75 light bulbs are installed. Of these, 21 fail during the first year, 21 during the second year, and 9 in the third year. Let the null hypothesis be that these light bulbs meet specifications.
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pea_ex2_2003-sol - :41 PM Probability for Engineering...

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