14 - The four seasons- A. Vivaldi (1725) • Set of four...

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Music 3/14 Baroque genres Opera – most pop. type of entertainment Oratorio – religious vocal music, related to opera Conatats – music for weekly church services Prelude and fugue – organ pieces Concerto and suite – instrumental genres Concerto Work for soloists + orchestra Solo concerto= 1 soloist + orchestra Concerto grosso = several soloist+ orchestra Can be any instruments Typically 3 movements: fast, slow, fast Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) Born in Venice Becomes priest, also a violin virtuouso Teaches at school for orphan girls Writes concertos for students (2 per month in contract) Wrote over 400 concertos Ritornello form Movement 1 typically has this structure Rotornello = “to return” Orchestra music returns over and over
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Unformatted text preview: The four seasons- A. Vivaldi (1725) • Set of four separate concertos- one for each season • Each concerto has a poem that goes with it o Describe the season Oratorio • Drama told through singing and musical accompaniment • Similar to opera BUT: o Religious story o No staging, costumes, sets, acting out o Uses chorus a lot o Meant for church performances at first o Performed during lent George grideric Handel (1685- 1759) • German, disobeyed his father to become musician • “Messiah” o most famous oratorio o stil performed regularly today o story of jesus chrsits life o wrote very quick 24 days o listen for • variety of dynamics • terraced dynamics • imitative polyphony • alternating extremes...
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14 - The four seasons- A. Vivaldi (1725) • Set of four...

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