Concer repoty 1

Concer repoty 1 - accented his lyrics perfectly. The first...

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Kasra Saidi Music Appreciation 2/28 Concert Report One The performer of the concert I went to was Eek-A-Mouse and an opening band called uproot, the venue was held at the Boulder Theatre on February Seventh. The genre of music would be Reggae but he creates his own style in a unique way. The group and consists of several band members, vocalist, drummer, pianist, guitarist, and back up singers. I have listened to Eek-A-Mouse since I was a Freshmen in high school and this was the first concert that of his that I attended, and to my surprise it was one of the best concerts I have been to. First the band members came out and played a piece of music to get the crowd going, it composed of an electric piano, guitar, drums, and a bass solos all of which created a very catchy melody. When Eek-A-Mouse himself came out the music
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Unformatted text preview: accented his lyrics perfectly. The first song he performed from my memory was Ganja Smugglin, which had a simple duple meter, the crowed bobbing their heads to the slow tempo. The dynamics of the music was piano with a homophonic texture. The vocalist, Eek-A-Mouse, creates his own vocal style, almost sounding like rhythmical gibberish created a very different vibe than most concerts. What I loved about this concert in particular was how into the music he was, he gathered almost 40 people on stage all of which were dancing hysterically I might add, really creating a more friendly and live environment. On top of that Eek-A-Mouse played with call backs, which really got the crowd into it....
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Concer repoty 1 - accented his lyrics perfectly. The first...

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