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log#5 - this move J.P Morgan is expressing that they are...

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Kasra Saidi 810-80-7233 BCOR 1010-112 J.P. Morgan Set to Fund Asian Deals J.P. Morgan has decided to forage into the Asian Market to invest in the blooming economy. They are planning on focusing their efforts on equity finance to midsized companies ranging from real-estate to technology. J.P. Morgan wants to seize the opportunity in Asia, recently equity trading has became very volatile and has decreased therefore now companies that need equity trading are offering more incentives and oppurtunites for gains. J.P. Morgan has brought a staff of ten TVG Capital Partners to run the show as of now, all of which have extensive knowledge in various markets. I thought this was remarkable business conduct because J.P. Morgan is taking a risk in unfamiliar grounds, the Asian market, especially because it has proven not to be a stable market. Contrary to that if I was a shareholder or stakeholder I wouldn’t object to
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Unformatted text preview: this move. J.P. Morgan is expressing that they are not comfortable in the U.S. economy amidst all the Mortgage issues and its showing its shareholders that they have capabilities of adapting to markets efficiently and profitably. This can send mixed signals either way and it will be up to this new team that is heading the Asian campaign to prove that they can tackle a foreign economy. I think that this in the long run will be a profitable move especially with the team they so highly talked about in the article, all of which have done amazing things in their pasts. I feel that this is a great time for them to invest in the Asian markets right now on top of everything else, it could offer huge sums of profit which overall is the corporate social responsibilities. Shareholders I believe in the not to far future will see that this move was extremely beneficial for the bottom line of this equity company....
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