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22 - • Lyrical gentle sound Modern Jazz • In late...

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Music 2/22 Charlie Parker- saxophone virtuoso incredible melodic gift. One of the most influential jazz musicians. Disjunct melody Virtuosic solos Small combo Emphasis on improvisation, not arrangement of prewritten materials Cool Jazz Many swing fans denounced bop Interested in Dixieland revival Also spurs new style – cool jazz, then modern jazz Slower, gentle rhythm Timbre is softer, wider palette (snare brushes, tuba, vibraphone, frech horn) More emphasis on melody More relaxed, experimental Harmony is now always conventional – modal jazz Miles Davis (1929-1991) Launched more jazz styles than anyone Also launched many careers Distinctive trumpet style – mute
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Unformatted text preview: • Lyrical, gentle sound Modern Jazz • In late 1950’s jazz style fragments • Many new styles emerge • Huge variety of jazz being performed • Never regains popularity of swing era though Modern jazz styles • Latin jazz – stan getz – “boss nova” • Jazz- Rock fusion (1960’s on) o Blend of traditional jazz and rock elements o Electric instrument, rock rhythms Neo-traditional jazz • 1980’s on • revives the combo idea of the 1950’s-60’s • had to overcome trend toward fusion • use traditional instruments, old tunes • swing fee;, some bop mixed in • Wynton Marsalis...
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