20 - Over 2000 compositions ranging in styles Influential...

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Music 2/20 Concert report #1 due One page Typed Concert of your choice Attach ticket stub/program/flyer Discuss o What you saw, instruments, etc o Some musical elements o Overall impression Swing Popular music of the 1930’s Big bands now 20-30 people performing in a section Meant for dancing o Tango. Charleston, jitterbug new trends o Need bigger band to project sound for dancers Swing characteristics Instruments 4-sections o Sax, trumpet, trombone, rhythm Swing rhythm Tuneful melodies Smooth, predictable harmonies Homophonic texture Form: head-solos-head Arrangements: Charts o More written down now. You can reproduce the tune, known as charts. o Equal importance of written parts/improvisation Duke Ellington- 1899-1974 Most important bandleader/arranger of the era
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Unformatted text preview: Over 2000 compositions ranging in styles Influential use of timbre Distinctive style as a pianist Hugely popular big band Modern Jazz Less individual expression in swing After big band shows, jam sessions come about o Informal, small combos o Lots of impovisation o Cutting contests- trade solos, contest of virtuosity Jam sessions mainstream by 1940s Cheaper to hire a combo New fan base interested in virtuosity Bebop- different from swing and comes out of these new small combos(groups). Characteristic of bop Fast complex rhythms Disjunct melody Complex harmony, extended chords Small combos sax, trumpet, bass, drums Form is head-solos-head Quote other music...
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20 - Over 2000 compositions ranging in styles Influential...

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