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11 - • People though he was to good not natural so he...

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Music 2/11 Country Blues- Charley Patton (1891-1934) – influential he basically teaches the next two generations of blues musicians. From the Mississippi delta region Migrant workers- mostly very poor blacks Spread very fast around this area because of the lifestyle people lived, always moving around for work. Style- o Male voice and acoustic guitar o AAB lyric pattern o 12 bar blues o call and response Robert Johnson- Studies with students of Charley Patton Guitar virtuoso (amazingly good at that instrument)
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Unformatted text preview: • People though he was to good, not natural, so he must have made some deal with the devil Classic blues • Most popular blues style of the 1920’s backed by larger ensemble • Blues queen at every recording studio • Origins in vaudeville • Female singers • Ma Rainey was a very popular group Bessie Smith “Poor Man Blues” • Written by here • Discuss plight of poor • Listen for the call and response with instruments • 2 sax’s, trombone, piano • Blues notes...
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