11 - People though he was to good, not natural, so he must...

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Music 2/11 Country Blues- Charley Patton (1891-1934) – influential he basically teaches the next two generations of blues musicians. From the Mississippi delta region Migrant workers- mostly very poor blacks Spread very fast around this area because of the lifestyle people lived, always moving around for work. Style- o Male voice and acoustic guitar o AAB lyric pattern o 12 bar blues o call and response Robert Johnson- Studies with students of Charley Patton Guitar virtuoso (amazingly good at that instrument)
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Unformatted text preview: People though he was to good, not natural, so he must have made some deal with the devil Classic blues Most popular blues style of the 1920s backed by larger ensemble Blues queen at every recording studio Origins in vaudeville Female singers Ma Rainey was a very popular group Bessie Smith Poor Man Blues Written by here Discuss plight of poor Listen for the call and response with instruments 2 saxs, trombone, piano Blues notes...
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