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25 - create a certain “sentence” • Motive Riff(small...

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Music Notes 1/25 Info: 3.1 and 6.1 are only found in the text sections not the appensix. 3.1 just write a paragraph. Quiz on weds. Melody – Coherent sequence of pitches Usually based on he notes of one scale o First note of scale is very important (tonic) melody will be oriented around this pitch o Notes used out of order often o Can change scales during a piece Elements of Melody Can talk about contour Smooth or jagged, jumpy o Conjunct- very smooth o Disjunct- disruptive and jagged Phrase ____________ , _______________ (like a sentence) a string a pitches strung together with a beginning middle and end just like a sentence, they make a complete thought in essence. Cadence - kind of works like punctuation marks, different places in music to
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Unformatted text preview: create a certain “sentence”. ! ? . , • Motive/ Riff (small, building block of a melody) motive used for classical music, small unit of notes that creates a melody. Riff used with pop music a small bit of instrumental that can lead into a song etc. • Tunefulness – repeat of phrases, rhythmic idea, motives. A catchy melody Chapter 4- Harmony Harmony – two or more notes sounded at the same time • Used to back up melodies – accompaniment • Consonance – sounds that are pleasing together • Dissonance - sounds that are clashing or harsh, gives tension to the sound Chord- three or more noted played together Triad- special 3 note chord...
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