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INSTRUCTOR: Mr. David A. Lang, M.S. PHONE: (713) 221-8140 ext. 2 ointment only EMAIL: [email protected] BIOLOGY 1310: INTRODUCTION TO BIOLOGY I Fall 2008 COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES: This is an integrated lecture and laboratory course designed for non-science majors. This course will provide an introduction to the scientific method, the levels of organization, basic cell structure, the chemistry of life, metabolism, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, the digestive system and nutrition, the endocrine system, the lymphatic & immune PREREQUISITES: Credit for or enrollment in ENG 1301 REQUIRED TEXT : Inquiry into life (twelfth edition), by Sylvia S. Mader Inquiry into life, laboratory manual (twelfth edition), by Sylvia S. Mader GRADING – Course grades will be based on a straight proportion (points attained / points available), and they will reflect the standard grading scale of the University of Houston - Downtown. Exams will have bonus questions. The lowest exam grade (lecture or lab) will be replaced by the final exam grade, if higher, and the final exam will also count as a separate grade. The grading scale for this course is: A 90 – 100% B 80 – 89 C 70 – 79 D 60 – 69 F < 60 The overall course grade can be broken down into constituent parts as follows: Assessment Type Relative Grade Contribution Laboratory Assessments 150 pts Exam I 100 pts Exam II 100 pts Exam III 100 pts Exam IV 100 pts Final Exam 100 pts ____________ TOTAL POINTS 650 pts One final word on grades: Instructors do not give grades. They assign them. Students get the grade they earn . Do not expect a curve or that grades will be “rounded up.” Your final grade reflects an entire semester of effort. Make sure you work hard enough to earn the grade you want.
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LABORATORY ASSESSMENTS AND PROCEDURE : Upon completion of the laboratory for a given week, a lab assessment will be available on Vista until the following Monday at noon. To access these assessments, you must proceed to UHD Online from the UHD Homepage, and login to Vista. Select your course. On our Vista course homepage, there will be a column of tabs on the left side of the screen. Select “Assessments” from the list, and the respective lab assessment. Academic computing labs are available in S800 in One Main, C300 in commerce, and B200 in Shea. Therefore, a home computer
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