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Test Review: Midterm Fifth Edition Multiple choice (need scantron) 50 questions a. Textbook AND b. Class discussion Diversity 1. Glass ceiling (p. 244) 2. Know the difference between Assimilation and Pluralism (pp. 246-248) 3. 4 points about Dimensions of Diversity (p. 252) 4. What Diversity Consciousness is NOT (pp. 256-257) 5. Nature vs Nurture (p.271) 6. 3 reasons why it is difficult to interconnect with others (pp. 273-274) 7. 4 ways to approach cultural differences (pp. 276-277) 8. 8 strategies for developing diversity consciousness (pp. 288-289) Critical Thinking 1. What is critical thinking? (pp. 323) 2. Characteristics of well-cultivated critical thinker (p.323) 3. First order thinking vs Second order thinking (p. 325)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Intellectuals standards and be able to identify examples (pp. 331-341) 5. Elements of Reasoning (pp. 344-350) 6. Know the Fallacies and be able to identify examples (pp. 392-395) 7. Three Categories of Questions and be able to identify examples (pp. 364-367) Teams 1. Basic Principles to Success (handout from Diversity/Teams) 2. Decision-Making Pitfalls (pp. 176, 183-185) Be able to identify a Groupthink situation Be able to identify an Escalation of Commitment situation 3. Building a Balanced Team (pp. 206-207) 4. Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning (handout from Diversity/Teams)...
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