feds - Federalist Period Continued Whiskey Rebellion Group...

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Unformatted text preview: Federalist Period Continued Whiskey Rebellion Group of angry farmers refused to pay the tax July 1794 Marched on Pittsburgh Government replies Send militia Hamilton accompanied militia Quickly suppressed 2 leaders of Whiskey Rebellion arrested , t ried for treason given Presidential pardon by Washington Why important? Laws of Federal Government must be obeyed or there will be consequences Ideas/Political Philosophy of Alexander Hamilton/Federalists The Federalist Party Sees U.S. as land of commerce & agriculture Very Pro-British Britain was number one trading partner Have language, culture, etc in common with British Believed in tariffs revenue Wanted the wealthy to provide leadership Wanted government to support business Believed in a broad interpretation of the Constitution Ideas/Polit ical Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson/ James Madison The Republican Party Represented Southern farmer Believed in st rict interpretation of Const itut ion Weak Federal Government Pro-French French Revolut ion King Louis XVI beheaded Revolut ion takes a violent turn France goes to war with Britain France thought other Eu ropean Kings would come to the aid of the King Thought they would be invaded Go on the offensive French wanted Americans to side with them Washington chooses to be neutral Proclamation of Neutrality Jefferson/Madison wanted to support French Hamilton/Federalist wanted to support Britain Citizen Genet Came to America to convince Americans to go to war with Spanish and Britain Backfires becomes embarrassment for French government Ordered him to return to France Decided to stay in America calling for polit ical asylum...
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feds - Federalist Period Continued Whiskey Rebellion Group...

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