The Election of 1800 - Change of Power The Election of 1800...

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Unformatted text preview: Change of Power The Election of 1800 • President John Adams – VP C.C. Pinkney (Federalist) • President Jefferson- VP Burr (Republicans) o Thought Federalist had gone to far to stay in office o Alien/Sedition Acts were the most important topic of the election • Problems that showed weakness in Federalist o Problems with the English English ships interfering with U.S. ships Impressment o Growing Federal debt o Military spending Extravagant, spending peoples money, military o Adams and Hamilton having internal problems • Accusations against Jefferson o Atheistic o Immorality o Dangerous radical – believed in the ideas of the French Revolution and the philosophs • Electoral college deadlock o Jefferson and Burr tie amount of votes o Goes to House of Representatives Came up with stalemate in hopes of meeting with both candidates Hamilton plays the role of kingmaker Burr and Hamilton did not like each other Hamilton had to choose the lesser of two evils Hamilton supports Jefferson • Encourages other Federalist to support Jefferson On the 36 th ballot House chooses Jefferson as President Burr becomes Vice President o There was animosity between Burr & Jefferson • 12 th Amendment to the Constitution o 1804 o Fixes problems with last two elections o Ran as a party, chose one position, no splitting tickets • Federalist party will never regain control o Federalist party feared there would be a shift in power to the states from the federal government Jefferson’s political philosophy/ideology • Shift in Policies...
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The Election of 1800 - Change of Power The Election of 1800...

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