Reconstruction - Reconstruction(1865 1877 Period after the...

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Reconstruction Reconstruction (1865 – 1877) Period after the Civil War Republican Party o Moderates Wanted to end the “bitterness between the North and the South” Wanted to avoid harsh treatment towards the rebels Lincoln was a moderate o Radicals Believed the South should be punished severe Occupied with the faith of the newly freed slaves “freed men” Freed men would be treated better than they had before the war Assassination of President Lincoln John Wilks Booth o Confederate, unchanged VA o Shot President at Ford Theater in Washington, DC My American Cousin Escapes and finds Samuel Mudd Resets Booths leg Sent to Ft. Jefferson – Federal prison off of Key West o Lincoln becomes the first American President to be assassinated in office
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Lincoln’s and Johnson’s Plans for Reconstruction Lincoln believed that the succeeded states were out of a “proper practical relationship with the rest of the union” needed to restore the relationship that existed before the war Lincoln’s Plan/ The 10% Plan o Pardons were offered to all residents of the South except to political and military leaders (if you agree to the following) Pledge allegiance to the United States of America o As soon as 10% of those who had voted in 1860 had taken the oath of allegiance and also agreed to support the 13 th Amendment then could start to create a state government and reentering the US 1860 was the last election everyone had voted o Governments would have been established in 4 confederate states
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Reconstruction - Reconstruction(1865 1877 Period after the...

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