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Phase I Nomads- hunting and gathering, group that makes journey to North America are the Siberians: o Asiatic people, coming from E. Siberia, migrate into North America during the Ice Age, came across Alaska become Native Americans o 1492- Already several million people living in North America, some tribes are advanced (Mayans, Aztecs of Mexico) builders, progressive. Some tribes living very basic lifestyle, hunters and gatherers. Incas of Peru, very large, advanced built temples. Old World (before 1492) & New World (after 1492) Old World Vs. New World New World- Americas o Exchange of animals: New World Old World are novelties, parrots etc. Dogs are domestic, alpaca and llama. Old World New World chicken, pig, horse… will establish way of life. o Plants- New World Old World: Corn, POTATO, cotton, TOBACCO (big cash crop, addiction, grown PR, Cuba, DR), tomatoes, Chocolate from Latin America.
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