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Constitutional Roles of President - o As a legislator Call...

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Constitutional Roles of President Chief of State (head of state) o President symbolized the “dignity and majesty” of the American people Foreign counterpart Ceremonial functions of President o Decorating war heroes o Officiating the opening of baseball season o Dedicating parks and post offices Executive powers o Seek advice from department heads o Nominate and appoint officers/officials o Sign and issue Executive Orders “Don’t ask and don’t tell” order (1993) o Enforce laws, rulings and int’l obligations o Supervise and lead a federal executive bureaucracy of 2.7 million employees Powers of Appointment and Removal o Most government positions are filled by civil service employees o President nominates some 5,332 positions o President can remove appointed officials confirmed by Senate (1926, Supreme Court ruling) o Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons Chief Executive
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Unformatted text preview: o As a legislator Call Congress into special sessions Report to Congress on the state of the union Submit legislative proposals Approve or veto legislations Sign legislative bills into law Veto & pocket veto bills Ignore a controversial bill Exercise line-item veto • 1996 – 1998 President Clinton only one to have the power • now governs have power and presidents do not o As a chief diplomat Represent the U.S. abroad Make and execute a foreign policy that safeguards US national interests Supervise the execution of U.S. international obligations Conduct diplomacy and maintain international relations Coordinate with foreign states and organizations in crises Treaties require Senate approval Executive agreements do not need to be approved by Senate...
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Constitutional Roles of President - o As a legislator Call...

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