Participants of the US Judicial System

Participants of the US Judicial System - The doctrine of...

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18:25 Participants of the US Judicial System Litigants Plaintiff + Defendant The “ standing to sue ” rule: Serious interest in a case, facing direct or imminent dangers or injuries from another party or government action Anyone can file a law suit if you have the “standing to sue” Baker v. He Groups Interest groups funding lawsuits for policy change NAACP supports the Brown v. Board of Education Case Attorneys Independent actors of the judicial system Fastest growing profession Lawyers no longer serve only the rich The rich have access to high powered lawyers The poor often served by over-worked lawyers with few resources to devote to an individual case. Judges Citizens Participate as jurors, witness, accused, etc… Common Law The body of judge-made law used to decide on a case with similar situations; prior decisions reached by a judge, sets a precedent, used in future cases.
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Unformatted text preview: The doctrine of stare decisis meaning to “stand on decided cases”. This doctrine obliges judges to follow the precedent set by: Own courts or Higher courts U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia all common law nations Sources of Law Constitutions Federal Constitution- State Constitution Federal Constitution stands above all laws A State’s constitution stands above all laws in that state Statutes & Administrative Regulations Federal statutes Criminal codes Commercial laws Ordinances (statutes passed by city, county & other local political bodies) Rules on zoning Public safety regulations (parking, fireworks, etc. ..) Administrative Rules & Regulations Executive orders – only people who work in the executive branch Case Law Decisions &judicial interpretations rendered by the courts (precedent) also form an important body of law, collectively called case l...
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Participants of the US Judicial System - The doctrine of...

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