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Other Powers of Congress Oversight o To ensure that the Executive Branch faithfully executes the national laws Advice and Consent o Special Senate powers Power to confirm or reject presidential appointments (simple majority 51%) Power to ratify or disapprove int’l treaties (2/3 majority) National Security Advisor (Condoleezza Rice 1 st term, does not need Senate approval) Impeachment o Power to remove President, Vice President, other executive officials, and federal judges o House of Representatives (starts process) acts like a grand jury, voting by simple majority to determine if there is enough evidence to start an impeachment inquiry. o Senate (tries President) acts like a trial jury by voting if the accused is
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Unformatted text preview: guilty or innocent (2/3 majority vote is required) 1867 President Andrew Johnson was impeached by the House, but save from conviction by one vote in the Senate. 1998 Clinton impeachment • Power over crucial economic matters o Impose tax o Coin & borrow money o Regulate inter-state & int'l trade o Spend money for the “common defense” & “general welfare” • Powers in foreign/military affairs o Declare war o Raise & finance army & navy o Call out state militias to “execute the laws of Union, suppress insurrection & repel invasion” • READ BOOK ABOUT TEXAS LEGISLATURE...
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