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Other Powers of Congress Oversight o To ensure that the Executive Branch faithfully executes the national laws Advice and Consent o Special Senate powers Power to confirm or reject presidential appointments (simple majority 51%) Power to ratify or disapprove int’l treaties (2/3 majority) National Security Advisor (Condoleezza Rice 1 st term, does not need Senate approval) Impeachment o Power to remove President, Vice President, other executive officials, and federal judges o House of Representatives (starts process) acts like a grand jury, voting by simple majority to determine if there is enough evidence to start an impeachment inquiry. o Senate (tries President) acts like a trial jury by voting if the accused is
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Unformatted text preview: guilty or innocent (2/3 majority vote is required) 1867 President Andrew Johnson was impeached by the House, but save from conviction by one vote in the Senate. 1998 Clinton impeachment Power over crucial economic matters o Impose tax o Coin & borrow money o Regulate inter-state & int'l trade o Spend money for the common defense & general welfare Powers in foreign/military affairs o Declare war o Raise & finance army & navy o Call out state militias to execute the laws of Union, suppress insurrection & repel invasion READ BOOK ABOUT TEXAS LEGISLATURE...
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